“Sweaty motions: materiality, meaning and the emerging workout ethic in Mozambique”

Baraza Lecture Series at the University of Florida, 3:30 (ET), 5 November 2021.


“Class, conspicuous perspiration and the pursuit of fitness in Mozambique”

Paper presented at the European Conference on African Studies, June 11-14 2019, Edinburgh, UK

“Youth self-making, bodywork and moral personhood in post-socialist Mozambique”

Paper presented at the workshop “Youth Politics and Projects of Self-Making in the Global South”, an ICAS:MP Workshop organised by Thematic Module 3 (Critiques and Renewals of Democracy), November 29-30, 2019, at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India. 

“Pursuing fitness in Mozambique: analogue self-tracking and the power of information in the age of global healthism”

Paper presented at the opening workshop “Evaluation, Improvement and Self-Optimization: Mobilizing Bodies in the Age of Global Healthism” of the Working Group “Global Health” at the University of Leipzig, 2-3 December 2019. Conveners: Marian Burchardt and Maren Möhring